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Pacific Northwest Ship and Cargo serves vessel traffic in all tidewater ports in British Columbia. We have grown to become the largest ship agency on Canada’s west coast, taking pride as the ambassadors of the gateway to the Pacific. At PNW, we ensure our clients’ expectations are maintained. 

With decades of experience, we are seasoned handlers of cargo in all categories. Minerals, Grains, Logs, Sulphur, and steel products comprise the majority of cargo. Moreover, we boast extensive experience in breakbulk and special cargo, having served Yachts, essential infrastructure such as trains for Vancouver’s Canada-Line metro – even a Navy Submarine. 

The world of shipping is a world propelled by big numbers – big volumes, big values, big costs. We understand the responsibility and acuity necessary to complete the job in the most efficient and economic manner, while ensuring that nothing gets missed. As costs continue to rise, and regulations evolve (tighten), we sharpen our tools. And let it be known: we pick up the phone!

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